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A Man And His Timepiece

Posted by FPK on May 12, 2009

A watch should be more than just something you glance at when someone asks you the time so you can regurgitate the hour and minutes back to them . It should say something about you, have some style, sentimental value; anything but be just a watch in the purest sense of the word, i.e. display numbers for you to digest and go about your day. If you disagree then stop reading, stop wearing a watch and use your cell-phone horological inquiry. It is quite possibly the best accessory to an outfit you can have, say the most about you in the most subtle way (if done properly, a yellow gold bracelet with diamonds, not so subtle) and at worst be a conversation piece (or get you mugged, read prior disclaimer regarding subtlety). I feel naked without a timepiece on me, but luckily for us, there is a watch for every occasion. Now some watches carry sticker shock and granted there are some outrageous price tags out there, a gentleman should have a small collection of various watches for different events. *On a side note, if you need some direction shoot me a comment and I’ll do some recommending given a price range, style or what events you need a piece for.* Proceed with caution, for once you start with timepieces, you might get addicted to collecting them. As far as how many watches one should own, there is no right number. One watch that can be worn with a stainless steel bracelet, a croc-leather band or another band can take on various roles;

So swapping straps can be an easy and affordable way to change the style of the watch for the occasion; as you can see from above the steel looks great and can be worn on meetings, to some formal events, etc. and the rubber strap on the same watch transforms it into a nice sporty watch that can be worn on the weekend to the beach, park, lunch, etc. Other than matching your watch with your event and attire, you must match it with your wrist. If you have a small wrist, wearing a 50+ mm clock won’t look right on you. Also if you have a small wrist and wear smaller wristwatches, a metal bracelet looks better on a smaller diameter watch case. Now you must also consider matching the size of the watch with your outfit as well, even with a big wrist, a big watch will not look great if you are in a tux and should opt for a thin watch for a very formal event, especially one that requires you in a tuxedo. When looking for watches, apart from quality and price, you will be deciding on the movement of the watch. Watches can come in various forms of movement; quartz, automatic and mechanical. Quick rundown of each; quartz=battery, automatic=hand movement, requires no battery, just adjusting if not worn for a while and mechanical=hand wound, this will require you wind the watch every so often. Typically your automatic watches will cost more than quartz and mechanical and they seem to be the favorites now-a-day but it all comes down to personal preference…and budget. I shall leave you with some shots of some of my favorite pieces, enjoy…and hey, it is what it is.


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